Restoring Digestive Health for Your Pets

For dogs and cats that exhibit digestive difficulties such as loose stools, additional supplements can help support the health of the intestinal lining. 

Probiotic supplements can aid in re-establishing the healthy bacteria needed by your pet’s digestive system.  You can give human probiotic supplements to dogs and cats, just adjust the dosage to your pet’s weight, (usually ¼ capsule for cats, and ½ – 2 capsules for dogs).

L-glutamine is an amino acid that is critical for maintenance of proper intestinal metabolism, structure and function.  Most health food stores carry several brands of L-glutamine.  Again, adjust dosage to your pet’s weight – keeping in mind that most suggested dosages on the bottle are for a 120-150 lb human. 

Slippery Elm is a useful herb for detoxification and intestinal support as it both soothes and tones tissues while drawing out and eliminating toxins.  You can make a gruel out of the powder or purchase a tincture (preferably glycerin based). 

Always consult a veterinarian when your dog or cat shows signs of any illness.  When more serious causes have been ruled out, however, a diet change may be just what is needed to alleviate chronic itching or digestive troubles. 


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