“I Fought the Raw and the Raw Won”

I am the proud mom of a 65-pound Sheppard/Lab mix named Heidi.  She’s nine and had started to slow down a bit.  I was looking for a way to keep my girl healthier, longer. (I thought 20 years sounded reasonable.)

A while back, after learning about Darwin’s raw dog food on the local news, dear friends of mine started feeding it to their two doodle mixes, Darby and Bailey.  Every time I commented on how healthy their dogs were, they’d go on and on about their amazing find – Darwin’s Natural Pet Meals.

It got me thinking.  I had heard of “the raw diet” but I was convinced that premium canned dog food and a good kibble was a well-balanced meal. Like you, I wanted only the best for my “baby.” My interest piqued, I started reading about what was and wasn’t in the commercial dog food I was feeding Heidi. For example:

* www.seespotlivelonger.com
* www.drkarenbecker.com
* www.whole-dog-journal.com


All this knowledge thawed out my brain, while a pound of Darwin’s Duck Meals was thawing out in my fridge.

After switching to Darwin’s, my Heidi is a new dog with a new life. She’s more energetic, once again torturing the backyard crows and no longer limping from the ALC operation she had last year. (Who knows? Maybe 20 years isn’t so crazy after all.)

I fell in love with this company. I lobbied them for a job. Now I’m out there working the fairs, shows and events, writing their new blog and praising Darwin’s Natural Pet Products to anyone who will listen.  (Last week I think I signed up a couple who didn’t even have a dog.)

To say I became a believer is an understatement. Like many Darwin’s loyal converts, I have become a complete maniac at dinner parties, neighborhood BBQ’s and family gatherings.

Now, go kiss your dog!

Darwin’s Natural Pet Products

Ready to do the healthiest thing for your pet? Order Darwin's Natural Pet Food

  • Debbie Cantwell

    We just started using Darwin's for our 9-month old Australian Cattle Dog, Olive. We're new to the world of dog owners and committed to keeping our little Olive as healthy as she can be. She's a member of her family now. I don't feed my kids junk food at every meal, and I won't do it to Olive either.

  • Susan Nejad

    I have been feeding my 7 yr. old German Shepherd “Ranger” Darwin's for close to 3 months. He lost several unnecessary pounds and looks and feels better. His allergies even improved! He actually does a happy dance before meals, he NEVER did that with kibble! I had to add cheese, chicken, etc. to his kibble to even get him to eat it. That should have been my first hint! I am also giving him raw beef soup bones to gnaw on, which I never did before. His teeth have NO more tartar and are shiny white!

    I was very unsure about feeding an all raw food diet, but after a lot of research, decided it was worth a try, and am so glad I did! I will never go back to kibble, and I'm sure Ranger feels the same way!

    Susan Nejad
    Catawba, Virginia

  • Tonyaleekent

    What have you found is the easiest way to measure the food?
    Thank You

  • Sherry

    I have been feeding Darwins Raw Diet since bringing home my new Doberman pup.  Our last Dobe had multiple allergy and health issues her entire life and when the breeder told me she only fed RAW I started doing my research.  I ordered from multiple companies and have found Darwins the VERY BEST!  The customer service is also way beyond the norm. My Ziva is now 4 months old and I continue to get comments about how beautiful her coat is and my vet is very pleased with her weight and growth pattern.  Gabby, the kitty has started inching over to Ziva’s pan and trying her food so I will be moving her over to the Darwin’s cat food with my next order.
    Sherry Rackley
    Clovis, CA

  • Doglady7007

    The fact that the food has human grade meat is not much of a recommendation as meat for humans has steroids, hormones and antibiodics in it. Organic meat would make this a good product