Our customers Emma & Bonnie (Karen Hauck)
Our customers Emma & Bonnie


Packaging and Shipping Information

As soon as we make our natural, raw food meals, they are immediately frozen in vacuum-sealed bags. Then we deliver our meals to you in special, insulated shipping containers like those used to ship fish across the country. They will keep your meals cold and safe for up to six days.

Because the food is vacuum-sealed, the meals will be fine for at least six months when kept frozen. Once defrosted, we recommend that you keep the food refrigerated, and after opening a vacuum-sealed bag, use the food within 48 hours.

Darwin's Raw Dog Food Packaging

Darwin’s meals come frozen in 2-lb packages with four 1/2 lb portions and easy-peel corners.

Convenient Automatic Shipments
Our program gives you the convenience of automatic regular shipments on a personalized schedule to fit your dog’s needs and your storage capacity.  There’s no obligation, and you can change or cancel your order at any time.

Our orders ship via UPS to the 48 states in the continental U.S. from our facilities on the East and West Coast. You only pay for the shipping cost of your order and $6.50 for handling, and benefit from the substantial discounts we’ve negotiated. We currently ship orders only within the U.S.

Shipping Costs for Ground Home Delivery

The shipping prices below are calculated only on the weight of food in your order, and excludes the extra weight of the packaging or coolant.

Shipping Costs Chart:  Raw Dog Food Home Delivery

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