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Our customer Gwynnie


Darwin’s Makes The Raw Dog Food Diet
Convenient and Affordable

We started Darwin’s to give pet owners a convenient and affordable way to feed their dogs a natural, holistic, raw food diet that is grain-free.

It all starts with high-quality, natural ingredients

  • We use only human-quality, USDA-approved meats and vegetables. Our ZooLogics meals use conventional ingredients, as you would find in any grocery store or restaurant. Our Natural Selections meals use only free-range meats and organic vegetables.
  • We will not permit any steroids, hormones or chemical preservatives in any of our meals.
  • We do not add any grains, cereals or other fillers in our foods, since most dogs do not need them, and since we believe that meat provides a superior source of protein for pets.
  • We get our ingredients right from the farm to ensure that they are the freshest possible. Using fresh, unprocessed ingredients assures the best nutrition in the food for your dog.

Our meals are the freshest possible, assuring the greatest nutrient value for your pet. Even the best ingredients are compromised by extended storage in warehouses before they reach the store shelf. By sourcing our ingredients directly from the producers, manufacturing the food ourselves and delivering our meals directly to our customers, we assure that our meals are the freshest possible – from “farm to food-bowl” in as little as two weeks.

Our foods provide complete nutrition for all dogs, from puppies to seniors. Our meals are formulated to meet or exceed all AAFCO nutritional guidelines for All Life Stages and all state and federal requirements.

We are committed to pricing our meals as affordably as possible. We know that for most people, cost is an important factor in choosing your pet’s meals. Our ‘direct from the manufacturer to you’ approach at wholesale prices is designed to enable more pet owners to be able to afford a raw food diet for their dogs and cats.

We make it easy for you by delivering direct to your home with regular shipments. In order to make the use of our product as convenient as possible, we deliver Darwin’s products directly to our customers on a open subscription basis. We’ll tailor your order size and delivery schedule to your dog’s individual needs and your convenience. No obligation – change or cancel at any time.

We believe that every dog is unique, and so is its diet. We think that the importance of a fresh, natural diet outweighs the issue of whether the meat used is raw or cooked. Although we believe that a raw food diet is best for most dogs and cats, we realize that such a product may not be appropriate for all pets (or owners), or that some pets (or owners) may need an intermediate step before switching to an all-raw diet. We are committed to enabling pet owners to recognize the benefits of a fresh food diet regardless of which alternative they choose.

We respect all animals. Out of respect for the animals that are used as livestock for our products, we seek sources for our meats that employ humane raising and slaughtering practices.

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