Our customers Jazzy and Grace (Jennifer Otto)
Our customers Jazzy and Grace


Expert Testimonials

“Based on the results of labratory analysis, as well as my own evaluation of the quality and bio-availability of Darwin’s ingredients, I would highly recommend this product to any dog owner.” — Dr. Ed Kane, Ph.D., Animal Nutritionist

“Providing dogs with a fresh, raw, varied diet will greatly enhance their joy of life, along with their health. Countless dog owners who have decided to feed their dogs a natural diet have witnessed this.” — Dr. Jaqueline Obando, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, MercyVet Veterinary Hospital

“Many of my patients benefit from feeding fresh, raw food diets. Skin problems, allergies and other conditions will often clear up quickly if a dog or cat is put on an appropriate food for their constitution. Darwin’s has made it easier to provide healthy nutrition options to more pets, and I also appreciate their local, organic and free-range options.” — Dr. Darla Rewers, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Ancient Arts Holistic Veterinary Services

Customer Testimonials

“I’m a physician and am really picky about what Amanda eats. After switching her to Darwin’s, I was amazed not only at the increase in her energy level but also the improvement in her coat and in her new and passionate interest in her meals. Thanks for the care you put into your meals.” — Dr. Alexis H., Amanda’s Owner

“I’ve tried all of the other prepared raw brands available (believe me… all of them) and Darwin’s is by far the best in quality and price, not to mention the convenience of avoiding all those trips to the pet store. Plus, my dogs love the food!” — Amber U., Seattle Customer

“My labs, Millie and Max, like Darwin’s so much more than dry food. The dogs have a lot more energy now. I’ve also noticed that Millie’s arthritis improved after about two months. I’ve started recommending Darwin’s to all my friends who own dogs.” — Patti L., Millie & Max’s Owner

“Our dogs love their new food. We love having the food delivered to our door each month. Thanks for the great customer service.” — Sharon C., Renton

“I have tried numerous raw foods on the market as well as made my own for Kalvin. Darwin’s is by far his favorite food – paws down.” — Kaiya W., Kalvin’s Owner

“Darwin’s raw food literally changed my dog’s life!  Her health is 100% better. It eliminated the pain in her hips and cleared up her chronic ear infections.  She is a 6 yr old lab but now you would swear she is a 2 year old!”  – Jennifer C., California

 “I no longer have my dog on any medications, after 15 rounds of antibiotics in 2 years plus other meds due to stomach and intestinal problems.   Raw food was the magic for him.”  – Marci D., Wisconsin

“Darwin’s food is very fresh. The food is well-balanced and they ship it to your house frozen.  How much easier can that be.”  – Anita B., California

“My veterinarian recommended Darwins for its complete balanced diet with all the vitamins and minerals that my dog requires to be healthy.”  – Tracy J., Tacoma, Washington

“My dog seems healthier (since switching to Darwin’s) and his coat is beautiful, and I think he loves me more because I feed him such good food :)”  – Courtney C., Seattle, Washington

“Darwin’s raw dog food has changed my 14 year old beagle’s life.  She was overweight and sluggish until I switched to their food.  She does not vomit anymore or have loose stools.  She is all around happier.  It is delivered and always fresh.”  – Candace F., Bothell, Washington

“Feeding Darwin’s is actually easy and the health benefits to the dogs are phenomenal.”  – Jackie S., Virginia

‘My dog had terrible allergies and itching before switching to raw food – they cleared up within two weeks of switching to raw food and haven’t come back. He is a healthy, active dog with a beautiful coat and lots of energy now. Darwin’s has consistently great food and convenient delivery and flat packaging for easy freezer storage.”  – Terri S., Lake Oswego, Oregon

“Darwin’s literally raised our dog from the grave.”  – Chuck M., Bellevue, Washington

“EASY, EASY, EASY!!!!”  – Marcy J., Virginia

“My dog was having severe digestion/gastro intestinal issues. We took her to the vet several times to no avail. Darwin’s WAS THE MIRACLE CURE! Within a week, my dog’s digestion/stools were normal, minor skin problems cleared, her constant tear stains disappeared! and she LOVES it!”  – Cindy G., Seattle, Washington

“No more diarrhea!!! YAY!
boundless energy
home delivery
outstanding expert service”  – Phillip D., Seattle, Washington

“It’s a joy to watch my dog racing to his bowl to eat his Darwin’s. They have excellent customer service– all questions and concerns promptly addressed. It’s so easy to thaw and serve a well-balanced diet that my dog loves.”  – Cheri L., Delaware

“Despite other weight-loss strategies and food programs, Darwin’s was the only product that worked for Kaci; she has lost 17 pounds, has tons of energy, and her arthritis is barely noticeable.  She walks and gets up with ease, and is a much happier dog.”  – Holly L., Mercer Island, Washington

“Our dogs have brighter energy and glossy coats, they GLOW!”  – Tracy G., California

“Kira loves her Darwin’s. Her skin and coat are improved.”  – Donna P, New York

 “My cats are incredibly healthy since beginning to feed raw food, something they were not when eating even high quality organic processed food.”  – Mark K., Seattle, Washington

“Darwin’s customer service is great, food is home delivered and grain free!!”  – Rosemary S., California

“Darwins are thorough and cover all the bases. 
I have not seen another natural dog food like this. No comparison.”
  – Cheryl P., Illinois

“My dog had asthma, dusty looking skin, low energy, and very bad stomach problems. Now he is very healthy and much happier. And Darwin’s is easy, they send it to you and someone is always available to answer your questions.”  – Ginny T., Arizona

“We have happier and more balanced dogs – CALM Australian Shepherds…that’s saying a lot! And fewer visits to the vet.
Darwin’s price is better, even with shipping, than any high quality raw food you can buy at the store, and better than making the same product at home.”  – Allison W., Colorado

“My small pure bred pug had diarrhea regularly. When we switched to Darwin’s raw food the problem went away completely. Additionally her coat is much softer and she doesn’t have weight issues like so many other pugs do.  Darwin’s also has great customer service whenever I’ve called in.” 
  – Kelsey S., Kirkland, Washington

“My dog LOVES it. His coat is shiny and he doesn’t seem to have the same skin and ear problems.”  – Vikki I., Florida

“I have a French bulldog who hated his food, ate sporadically, was gaseous, had loose stool, with all sorts of skin problems. After starting Darwin’s raw food, his skin improved. I have a non-gaseous, non-smelly bulldog (very rare!). And he LOVES his food!”  – Ann C., Seattle, Washington

“My dogs had improved energy level and healthy coats. They are back in GREAT shape with no change in their activity level. I tried all sorts of natural premium kibbles and none were as good as feeding them raw.’  – Wendy M., Bothell, Washington

“My dog LOVES Darwin’s food and never refuses to eat.
My vet says he is very healthy and his coat is beautiful.”
  – Phyllis H., Seattle Washington

“My dog loves it and it stopped her from itching and pulling and biting out her hair.”
  – Carol A., Illinois

“LOL, I would tell friends to look at my 11 year old dog, who even the vet thinks still acts like a puppy.”  – Marc A., Portland, Oregon

my dog absolutely LOVES Darwin’s;  she’s the picture of health, has lot’s of energy, has a coat that glows, even though she’s 11 yrs old.”  – Margey T., Seattle Washington

“My cat loves the chicken….it is nutritionally balanced and I know that Darwin uses high-quality ingredients.”  – Carol W., Florida

“I feel I can trust Darwin’s and feel very secure with their ingredients.  They have always been amazing when it comes to answering my questions.  I could not ask for more understanding and knowledgeable individuals.”  – Erica S., Bothell, Washington

“I think Darwin’s is one of the highest quality food available, love their home delivery.”  – Pam M., Sammamish, Washington

“My dogs have had outstanding health benefits since feeding raw – clearer skin, better breath and more vigor.  Also the very small poop is way nicer to clean up then the bulky smelly stuff from kibble.”  – Erin O., Seattle, Washington

“Darwin’s is so much easier than making it yourself. And home delivery!”
  – Delanae L., Sammamish, Washington