Super Happy We Found Darwin's!

I started both my senior cat (21) and dog (16) on Darwin's Natural Selections about 8 months ago. They transitioned from what I thought was good quality (commercial) food within a week, they loved Darwin's right away. I have seen their energy improve, happiness increased, my dog lost weight (I could only assume he was bloated from all the carbohydrates in the commercial food), and his chronic ear infections were completely cleared up within a few months saving me hundreds at the Vet! They deliver all the food for the entire month to my doorstep and feeding is super easy. Customer support is excellent and very responsive. This company tells the truth about what is in the food and explains/educates on feeding raw. Randolph, Mabel and I are super happy we found Darwin's and highly recommend and hope more people feed their pets this way!
- Erica M

I am So Grateful for Darwin's!

I am so grateful for Darwin's! My vet convinced me to try it for my IBS cat. Nothing else I had tried helped her. Thanks to Darwin's she is happy and healthy. I also appreciate the convenient shipping and great customer service.
- Erin Y

My Two Cat's Have Been Doing Really Well on Darwin's

My two cat's have been doing really well on Darwin's for over a year now. My male struggles with weight, and simply cannot eat any dry food or else he puffs up. He turned his nose up at the dozens of brands of canned food that I've tried, but he and my female cat go nuts for Darwin's chicken and turkey recipes! They scream and run laps around my feet while I prepare their breakfast and dinner every day. I love that the raw food keeps litter box odors down too. The customer service team is a pleasure to work with any time I've had a question or concern.
- Connie B

We've Been a Darwin's Family Since 2011

I have been rescuing Mastiffs since 1997. These big babies have usually come to me malnourished, and a few with food allergies. Our last rescue, Diesel, immediately began eating Darwin's upon coming home with us. 30 days later when we returned to the vet, the staff literally did not recognize him. He had spent 5 months in their care under medical supervision. He had arrived to them so sick he had stopped eating. After the first 7 to 10 days his constant itching and scratching stopped. His flaky dry skin was no more. His eyes cleared up and began to sparkle. Also, his constant diarrhea stopped almost immediately. All my dogs have benefited and thrived since eating your product. We've been a Darwin's family since 2011 and will always will be.
- DJ S

Quality Ingredients Do Affect the Well Being of Our Pets

Product demonstrates how quality ingredients do affect the well being of our pets.
- NL Font

Your Pets Will Love You for It! WOOF!

I left Darwin's because I was having issues with Customer Service getting back to me in a timely manner. Stay with me here... We live in the desert and getting local raw food that isn't covered in freezer burn has been a challenge. I was so excited to find Darwin's..but when I would run low and couldn't reach someone, I panicked. I should have just called and I'm sure they would have been all too happy to accommodate us. Nonetheless, I left. I tried several other companies that provide raw and after so many disappointments, went to a 'fresh' brand found in refrigerators in stores. Why do I feel guilty?! It goes without saying that I feel better knowing my pets are getting the best nutrition possible which is why I'm switching back to Darwin's (if they'll have us!). Hands down, Darwin's is our favorite! I truly believe that my dogs are as healthy and as young as they are at 11 because of their raw/grain free diet. Also, Darwin's package their food the BEST! Easy to defrost and feed. I also love that the meats in their Natural Selection line are free range. There is also the option to return your packaging and they include the labels to do so. If you're looking to feed your dogs the best diet possible, look no further and give Darwin's a try! Your pets will love you for it! WOOF!
- Kim

The Customer Service Was Amazing.

I just ordered my first batch for my dog Dempsey. I must say, the customer service was amazing. I spoke to a lovely woman named Kim who gets 5+ stars from me!
- Devin B

I Highly Recommend This Company for Your Pet(s) Needs

I read years ago that a raw diet was the best for my pets but was afraid to prepare it myself. I finally got the courage (with encouragement from a friend) to try Darwin's for my 14 cats and I must say, after the transition period, they love it. I will see how their vet visits go, but I am confident that I made the right choice. The customer service staff is just awesome and extremely helpful with any problems that may be encountered. I feel very good about purchasing from this company, and it sure beats attempting to prepare it myself. Using Darwin's lets me know it's done right and is healthy for my babies and I highly recommend this company for your pet(s) needs. Whether it be dogs or cats.
- Judith V.

I Decided to Take a Chance on Raw Food

I have a Chihuahua who have some bad allergies when on pellet food and was at the vets every few weeks with her. I decided to take a chance on raw food and came across Darwins. I couldn't have been happier! Not only did she love the raw food it has also cleared most of her allergies and vet visits. The food is top quality, great consistency and delivered on time every time. The customer service is truly amazing and very friendly. I would highly recommend Darwin's raw food and my doggy does too!!!
- Claire Q

I’m So Thankful My Vet Recommended Darwin’s!

My 12 year old dog has been on Darwin’s for 3 months and now acts like a puppy! He loves it. His coat is beautiful and he has lost the weight he needed to lose. I’m so thankful my vet recommended Darwin’s! I thought my dog was nearing the end of his life but now I think he has found the fountain of youth.
- Dale

You Won't be Sorry

We adopted our precious 9 year-old Lab almost 3 months ago and have given him nothing but Darwin's since we brought him home. His fantastic diet as well as some great exercise has people saying, "He's NINE??" Yep. We spend at least an hour (and mostly much more) with him running in the woods, chasing every smell. Everyone at Darwin's (thank you Debra) has been incredible. You won't be sorry if you feed your pet their great and healthy food.
- Pamm C

4 Paws Up for Darwin's

When our SweetPea, a Charlee Bear Dog, was delivered to us as a puppy, she came with Darwin's Natural Pet Food. I am so grateful, that her scientist/breeders educated us about this nutritional dog food, that has kept her strong and healthy and she's now 10. We also have two rescues, one from a Korean Puppy Mill rescued out of at hot truck and then one rescued after the Northern Ca. fires recently, and both needed healthy, instant nutrition. Lightly cooked Darwin's, along with lots of TLC, helped them both become healthy happy dogs. SweetPea is so strong and healthy, she participates in agility training, and all 3 pups are therapy dogs. Working therapy dogs cannot eat raw food, thus we lightly cook their's when they are going to be volunteering at hospitals and nursing homes. Between July 23-November 28, 2018, we have been dealing with multiple NorCal Fires. I opened my home to many evacuees and their pets, some burned, while also having boots on the ground recently near ground zero in Chico/Paradise Fire. Darwin's Customer Service Manager, Linda, heard of this, and reached out to help. Offering dog and cat food, as well as assistance on the ground if needed. They continually send me Darwins to feed the fire survivor pets. I lightly cook it, as dogs that aren't used to raw, need to gradually ramp up to eating it full raw. I put it in containers, and they eat it while recovering at my home, then their parents have it for their doggy backpacks they take when they leave. When I have boots on the ground, I put the containers down on the ground and the fire surviving dogs/cats gobble it up. Recently, while in Chico/Paradise, I met a little girl whose own feet were a bit burned and her dog's paws too. I had, SweetPea with me doing pet therapy with the survivors. I asked the little girl what she would like, and she said " Dog lady, can you help my dog, Mr Pickles, he's very hungry and hurt and I am too." I opened my doggy backpack, and put down a container of Darwin's and had supplies to assist with the burns. Mr. Pickles gobbled up the Darwin's and with his big brown eyes, and a wet nose kiss, asked for more. His tail started wagging and the little girl hugged me and said, "you are so nice to feed us and help with our booboos." Darwin's made this possible. They are not only a pet food company, but a company full of compassionate employees, that DO MAKE THE ANIMALS THE PRIORITY. They have showed up so generously in giving me the gift of healthy food for these 4 legged fire survivors and verbal support in cheering me on to do this work. 4 PAWS UP FOR DARWIN'S.
- Melinda W

They Love Darwin so Much

On 2013 I rescued a 1-year-old female Belgian Malinois from a high kill shelter. I named her Princess. Two weeks after I got her home she got sick and spent two weeks in the ICU unit. After I got her home, she started scratching and hurting herself with allergies (I was feeding her Orijen which at the time I thought was great food. After a while of trying all kinds of treatments, my veterinarian put her on Apoquel which it helped a lot but started to create another problem because of it suppresses the immune system ability to fight infections, so she was getting small bumps all over her body. So I decided to discontinue using Apoquel. I did a lot of research; I found writings on the benefits of raw food. After some more research I found Darwin which I was skeptical at the beginning, but after a few weeks of feeding her Darwin the itching stopped the small bumps started to go away, and today she is healthy and strong, fully trained in high obedience and protection. So because of her success, I also decided to feed Morgan my female Boxer and what a change in her attitude and looks. They love Darwin so much that they lick their plates clean. Even my veterinarian who was against me feeding them raw food complements them on how well they look. I am a show off when it comes to them. Thank you, Darwin!!
- Frank V

The Food is Excellent

I would give the raw food 5 stars if not for the quality of the turkey cat food in the last 6-8 months. The food is excellent and made tremendous difference in the health of my cats, but I’m wasting almost half of the food due to oxidized outside layer of the packages. I reported the issue twice, but unfortunately the grayish outer layer of the four continues and the customer service reps are not aware of similar issues reported. I’m ordering once more and if there is no improvement in quality, I will have to find another source. Too bad, it was a fantastic food for a long time.
- Marta

It’s Very convenient!

It was a very prompt , delivery. Packed nicely, with dry ice.I love the container to defrost and hold the next days food. It’s very convenient! I defrosted the first servings, in the container, and started on the feeding, the next morning. I took the second feeding and put it in the container to defrost. My dogs, both love the beef!
- Michele M

He No Longer Sheds

Since feeding my little dog this product, he no longer sheds ...his coat is shiny and soft and he has quit scratching himself so much. It a little pricey but worth it!!
- Sara L J

Fast Forward with Darwin's

When I started Buffy my 14 1/2 year old Himalayan on Darwin's, she looked like an old lady. Her hip bones were showing and her hair had gotten very dark and drab. Fast forward with Darwins and her subcutaneous tissue bulked back up, while not gaining hardly any weight, she shed her coat and now has the light colored silkier hair she had as a youngster.
- Patrice E

My Cat Loves it!

I was hesitant to buy the introductory offer because 10 lbs of food is a lot, and if my cat didn't like it, I would be stuck with it. But, my cat loves it! She eats all of it at a high rate of speed!
- Jadee J

I Truly Stand 100% Behind this Brand

Darwin pet products is truly the way to feed your beloved pets. My two year black mouth Cur loves his meals and you can see the joy that it brings him. I have had animals in the past eating dry kibble and never truly enjoy eating their meal meals until I self taught myself about raw diets. I truly stand 100% behind this brand and their mission to provided a healthy , non-processed diet for your animal.
- Yvette Martinez

I love Darwin's food!

I love Darwin's food! I really trust them. Please support Darwin's!
- Joe F

I've Been Feeding Darwins for the Past 4 yrs

I've been feeding Darwins for the past 4 yrs and our 3 dogs health has GREATLY improved. Whenever I have a question or concern, I email them and they either call me or email me promptly. Whenever there's been a so-called "recall", Darwin's notifies their customers via email immediately. They have an EXCELLENT tracking system and know exactly which products were sent to each specific customer. Darwin's believes in manufacturing their raw food diets in the best appropriate way for our pets health. They do NOT conform to what "others" think; Darwin's does what's RIGHT. When it comes to protecting their customers' personal information, Darwin's again stands out and above the rest. They will NOT compromise their customers for any reason, no matter what!! What more can we, as consumers, ask for from a company? Darwin's has always been honest, prompt, courteous and very informative when I've had questions. They don't "cover up" anything just to make me feel good. They tell me the truth!! When it comes to pet foods, there are only TWO sources I trust....(1) Darwin's and (2) Susan Thixton of If you REALLY want to KNOW what's going on in the pet food world, these are the ONLY TWO sources that won't sugar coat the information they provide. KUDOS to both Darwins and Ms. Susan for ALWAYS having the pet consumers' back and standing up for what is right for our pets!! Thank you just doesn't say enough for these great people.
- Cheryl L

Bravo to Darwin's

Love this company! They were very straightforward with the FDA public warning, however the FDA requested their customer's confidential contact information, Darwin's refused their request. If I had known my confidential information had been given to anyone- FDA or otherwise, I might have considered getting my dog food else where. Bravo to Darwin's and thank you for the great product and even better customer service.
- Donna Mc

Absolutely Adore Your Company

absolutely adore your company and both my rescue dogs have shown AMAZING levels of increased health and vitality after switching them from high priced specialty dry kibble to your line of raw meals. They consume MUCH less water and subsequently have quit throwing up randomly, their stool is amazingly healthy, less frequent and practically odorless and their urine is MUCH less “stout” and doesn’t kill the grass anymore! Their coats are ridiculously shiny, their farts don’t smell, and they have both lost the perpetual “bloat” they carried and look tone and sleek and move with ease. I can’t say enough good things about the food quality OR the astounding levels of customer service I’ve always received when dealing with your representatives-whether it was the wrong card on file getting declined, rectifying a shipping issue, or just the plain level of kindness and courtesy your company shows with every interaction. Our family is very grateful to have found your company!
- Julie B

Thank You for Making a Cat Food That I Can Trust

My cat has always had trouble eating enough food. I've tried different brands to encourage her to eat more but she always seemed uninterested. Darwin's is the only food that she can't stop asking for. She knocks things over in the morning and steps on me trying to get me to get up and feed her! Her weight is perfect now and she looks lean, muscular, and healthy. Thank you for making a cat food that I can trust and will bring me many happy and healthy years with my cat!
- Samantha O

Thank You for a Great Product.

I just started Darwins for my 2 cats. I have not even finished the initial order and I am noticing a more glossy and health coat and improved energy. Thank you for a great product.
- Beverly P

Have Had No Problems

Have had no problems cats love the food .they do check with me periodically to make sure everything is good
- Sue

If You Have Dog I Highly Recommend This!

My dog love love LOVE's Darwin's. I had never tried raw with any of my dogs before but it's safe to say that this is a quality pet food! My girl literally can't get enough of it. I love that it take my domestic dog back to her wild roots while providing optimal nutrition. If you have a picky eater I highly recommend this. If you have dog I highly recommend this!
- Malerie S