Raw Feeding a Service Dog: A Guide Dog Handler Shares Her Experience

Wolf in the snow Ancestral diet

  In honor of International Assistance Dog Week (http://www.assistancedogweek.org/), I wanted to speak to someone who works with a service dog first hand about their experience with raw feeding.  Pam Bilyeu is a guide dog handler, nurse, massage therapist and…more

How Can You Accurately Compare the Nutrition in Different Pet Foods?

Comparing Nutritional Values

  If you have ever compared one product to another in the supermarket you know what a challenge and what a headache this can be. Even the most nutrition-savvy consumer can become flustered when comparing the nutritional specifics of two…more

10 Ways to Support Your Pet’s Natural Immune System

Dog on beach support pet health

The immune system is an intricate biological protection system responsible for determining what belongs to and in the body versus what does not belong and requires elimination.  It defends the body against infection, disease and foreign substances.  Keeping your pet’s…more

Dog Training Philosophies and Methods

Dog in glasses dog training methods

  Whether you have a new puppy or would like to teach your old dog some new tricks, finding the best training method is always the first step.   Humans learn things through a variety of methods, and just like us,…more

Food for Your New Puppy

White puppy on floor feeding your new puppy

The most important time to feed great food is when your puppy is young.  Great nutrition helps build a solid foundation, upon which your puppy can live long and prosper. Puppies, as a general rule, require high protein, balanced fat,…more

Helping Your Dogs and Cats Detoxify

Golden Retriever and kittens in grass pet health

  Detoxification is essential for any animal that has been treated with multiple courses of medications such as steroids, antibiotics or antihistamines which are often prescribed for animals with itchy skin or digestive disorders. Even pets who have been on…more

The Ancestral Diet for Dogs

Wolf howling at moon ancestral diet

  You may have heard of the “Cave Man” diet as it applies to humans, the theory being that unprocessed fresh foods high in protein and low in carbohydrates are best for people who evolved successfully over thousands and thousands…more