Which is the Best Food for My Dog: Natural Selections™ or BioLogics™?


Which is the Best Food for My Dog: Natural Selections™ or BioLogics™?

Natural Selections™ vs. BioLogics™

Darwin’s has two different, but very similar, lines of meals for dogs.
You might be wondering “What’s that all about?  How are they different and how are they the same?  Which one is the best food for my dog?”

Most simply, the difference between the lines is the source of the ingredients. The Natural Selections™ line is our original line of meals, made with free-range/cage-free meat and organic vegetables. The BioLogics™ line is made with conventionally grown meat and vegetables and was developed for those with large dogs or multiple dogs who may need a more economical line to feed.

How are Natural Selections™ and BioLogics™ meals the same?

Our Natural Selections™ meals and BioLogics™ meals are very similar to one another.

  • They are made with the same formulation – that is, the same combination of ingredients – and are processed identically to one another in our production facility.
  • Both lines are grain-free and gluten-free.
  • Because the formulation of ingredients is the same, the nutritional values are the same for each meat source in both product lines; both lines meet AAFCO guidelines for a nutritionally complete diet for all life stages.
  • As far as taste, texture, and appearance of the meals are concerned, the Natural Selections™ line and BioLogics™ line are indistinguishable from one another.
  • All meats are sourced from USDA inspected facilities and are hormone-free; additionally, none of the livestock used in either line receives antibiotics on a regular basis.
  • Our sourcing manager visits all farms and facilities used to source our meals to ensure that the facilities are hygienic and following Good Agricultural Practices, treat their animals humanely and that their employees are following safety procedures and are treated fairly.

What’s the difference between Natural Selections™ and BioLogics™ meals?

Overall, the differences between the Natural Selections™ line and the BioLogics™ line are the source of the ingredients and the cost of the meals.

  • The Natural Selections™ line is made with free-range/cage-free meat and organic vegetables.
  • The BioLogics™ line is made with conventionally-grown ingredients; they are about 20% less in cost than the same meat source in the Natural Selections™ line.
  • Animals used in the Natural Selections™ line have never been administered antibiotics.
  • Livestock sourced for the BioLogics™ line may have received antibiotics only if needed by the individual animal; if an animal receives antibiotics, it is reserved from harvest for at least 30 days to be sure the antibiotic has been cleared.
  • Our meals for cats are only available in the Natural Selections™ line.

So, which one is right for my dog and me?

For most dogs and their people, either line of meals is a great choice!  For particular health conditions, such as cancer or seizure disorders, some veterinarians recommend choosing the Natural Selections™ line over the BioLogics™.  Unless your vet has made such a recommendation for your pet, the choice between Natural Selections™ meals and BioLogics™ meals is dictated entirely by your preference.  If purchasing organic vegetables and free-range meats are important considerations to you, then choosing the Natural Selections™ line is a great fit.  If purchasing organic and free-range ingredients is not an important factor for you, or if budget is a more primary concern, then the BioLogics™ line would be the best fit.

Whichever of our meals you choose to feed, you can be confident that your dog is getting a nutritionally complete diet made from carefully sourced high quality meats and vegetables. Choosing is easier when any choice is a healthy choice!

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