Darwin’s Responds to FDA Warning

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Today the FDA issued a public warning regarding three lots of Darwin’s poultry meals for dogs produced last fall, which were delivered to customers back in November and early December 2018. These are the same lots which we alerted customers about via email last month.

We’re disappointed in the FDA’s decision to issue a public warning.  We think this warning is unnecessary, as we are confident these meals have been completely consumed without incident. We have contacted the customers who received the meals and have not received any medical reports of illnesses to pets or humans attributable to these meals. As we have shared with our customers before, we believe that at no time did these meals pose any danger to either humans or pets.

We believe that the FDA chose to issue this warning not out of any concern for human or pet health, but in retaliation for our refusal to agree to their demands to provide them with our customers’ confidential contact information.  When we informed them that to do so would violate the terms of our privacy policy, they threatened to issue a public warning to pressure us into doing so. When we refused this request, the FDA gave us an ultimatum. Subsequently, they retaliated by issuing their warning.

We remain fully confident these meals are safe, and until now have cooperated with the FDA on every request they have made on this matter.  We did this even though the FDA failed to provide samples for us to verify their test results independently, as they are required to do by law.

Darwin’s privacy policy is to protect our customers’ personal information, and it precludes us from sharing it with third parties without permission. Although we were willing to reach out to customers and ask for permission to provide their contact information to the FDA, the FDA would not accept that approach.

This warning is not a recall. We’ve shared with you many times in the past why our meals are safe, starting with the high-quality sourcing of our ingredients and the steps we take to control pathogens such as Salmonella.

We are not certain why the FDA has found it necessary to issue a warning, especially after we have worked closely with them. We are disappointed they only did this after our refusal to provide customers’ personal information to them. We remain committed to providing safe, healthy, nutritious meals for your pets. As always, we appreciate your continued patronage and your support of our mission.

If you have any questions for on this, please feel free to contact us at 877-738-6325 or [email protected].