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Get Ready for Raw! 

Ready to get your dog started on their new raw diet? We’ve created this short video to guide you through the transition process. 

Transitioning picky eaters and older dogs to a raw diet

Some picky eaters or older dogs may turn up their noses at their new diet. Don’t worry, this is easy to address. Simply follow these steps:

  • Eliminate treats during the transition period.
  • Serve their meals in a new place or “safe” area of your kitchen away from foot traffic.
  • Add flavor “bribes” such as garlic powder, low-sodium parmesan cheese, or an egg yolk.
  • Gently cook Darwin’s meals to release the flavors and aromas. We recommend lightly sautéing in a pan over medium to medium-high heat for 8-12. Remember not overcook as the bones can become brittle (please note: for puppies under 4-months of age, or for dogs with a compromised immune system, we urge you to utilize this method).

For more information about transitioning your pet, please click here.

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