raw cat food

A Happier, Healthier Pet Starts Here!

There are some cats who will immediately take to their new raw diet, but many felines can be finicky and may take some more time adjusting. Here are some helpful tips to get your cat started on their new, raw diet even before their meals arrive:

  • Establish a regular feeding schedule; no more free feeding!
  • Give your cat a limited time to consume its meals (we recommend a 15-minutes) so your cat learns to eat their meals when they are served. If they do not eat in that time, pick the food up and put it away for later. 
  • If your cat has been eating dry food, switch them to a canned diet while you wait for your order to arrive. This will help adjust to the moisture and texture of their raw meals. 
  • The “tough love” approach will not work on cats. So just be sure that they eat something each day, even just a small amount of food.
  • Use a flat food dish so it does not interfere with your cat’s sensitive whiskers and put them off their food. 


For more information about transitioning your pet, please click here.