How Do I Transition My Cat to Raw Food?


How Do I Transition My Cat to Raw Food?
Ask Darwin's - Simple Answers to Simple Pet Questions


Ask Darwin’s – Simple Answers to Simple Pet Questions

Dear Ask Darwin’s,

I have tried so many raw food diets for my three cats, Sam, Tea and Simba. They don’t like anything except the smelly cheap food.  I bought the veterinarian recommended diet. Then I started reading online about all the bad ingredients in those meals. It made my head spin. I want my kids to be healthy, but they just won’t eat good stuff.  I have read about raw but I can’t imagine them eating anything like that. Any help?
– Kathryn, Providence, RI

Dear Kathryn,

I hear you; over the years I have heard from many cat owners who were worried about the problematic ingredients in highly processed pet foods.  So, why not tap into Mother Nature? She has provided a balanced healthy raw diet that cats have evolved to eat over thousands of years.

How do I get Sam, Tea, and Simba to eat raw cat food after all that “good”, bad smelly food?

Patience and Persistence pay off when transitioning to raw cat food.

  1. If you are currently feeding dry, add some canned (wet) food before you add raw. Sardines or stinky fishy based foods are always great; enticing enough to pique their interest. Green Tripe is also sufficiently smelly.  Yes, Darwin’s offers Green Tripe

  2. If Sam, Tea and Simba free feed you will need to set up specific meal times. Obviously raw food can not be left out all day

  1. Fasting for a meal can help build appetite and willingness to try something new
  1. Feed with confidence. Remember we are dealing with your cats who, you are convinced can read your mind.
  1. Cutting up Darwin’s Venison Jerky Treats or crumbling some of their favorite treats and using it as a “topper” on the food can help. Freeze dried treats are also great for this like Whole Life Chicken, freeze dried lamb lung, ect.A

Slow transition to a raw diet for cats is the key.

Stick to your plan, and be patient. Your reward will be a peace of mind that you’re feeding your cats the best food on the market.  Trust me. Our customers are so impressed with the change in their cats, they become (bordering on obnoxious) advocates.  It’s hard to ignore all of the benefits. We also suggest the Natural Cat Care blog, and this helpful video by Dr.Karen Becker DVM for additional information.

Hope this has helped.


Jeanne Romano - Menu Consultant


Jeanne Romano – Menu Consultant at Darwin’s Natural Pet Products

I openly believe in all things “green” (except teeth). I love crafting words that make people think, painting with watercolors, amazing individuals who really are working to cure breast cancer and, of course, sushi. I’m the mother of two amazing canines and am passionate (and quite knowledgeable) about dog nutrition. And, in spite of Lucy Van Pelt’s objections, I let my dogs kiss me on the mouth. To see all my watercolor gallery of my favorite furry faces check out Artisan Tails.

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