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Darwin’s Pet Customer Testimonials

I feel I can trust Darwin’s and feel very secure with their ingredients. They have always been amazing when it comes to answering my questions.

Erica S. – Bothell, Washington

I've always had active healthy pets but made the switch to Darwin's because one dog developed allergies. The allergies cleared up, but the most visually obvious change is that my two mutts have the most beautiful healthy coats. I get compliments all the time on how good looking and healthy they are. I attribute it to their great Darwin's diet.

Dana Kemmerling – Seattle, WA

He got lean and muscular. No more arthritis. Now he’s strong and active.

Patrick Marfisi -Los Angeles, CA

It’s so easy and the health benefits are phenomenal.

Jackie Stocks – Stafford, VA

My English bulldog was getting skin infections every month needing antibiotics and suffered from seasonal flank alopecia. Since going on Darwin's, her skin has completely cleared up and her seasonal flank alopecia has completely disappeared and she is now at a very healthy weight. We are thrilled with what Darwin's has done for her!

Theodore Pappas – Portland, OR

Thank you, thank you, thank you! My dogs never really enjoyed their meals before. I would come home from work to find they hadn't even touched their breakfast. They LOVE Darwin. I do mean LOVE. They come running when they hear me getting it ready. They lick their bowls clean. Both have more energy and better breath! Never thought I would ever see them so excited for meal times! You guys are awesome! 

Cheri Carlyle Inayet – Norfolk, VA

I’m a physician and am really picky about what Amanda eats. After switching her to Darwin’s, I was amazed not only at the increase in her energy level but also the improvement in her coat and in her new and passionate interest in her meals. Thanks for the care you put into your meals.

Dr. Alexis H., Amanda’s Owner – Seattle, WA

I’ve tried all of the other prepared raw brands available (believe me… all of them) and Darwin’s is by far the best in quality and price, not to mention the convenience of avoiding all those trips to the pet store. Plus, my dogs love the food!

Amber U. – Seattle, WA

My dog is 12 years old and acts like a pup. Darwin’s is better than anything you can find in a can or a bag… and my dog loves it.

Delores B. – Renton, WA

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Professional Reviews of Darwin’s Natural Pet Food

"When I transitioned my dogs to raw, I failed miserably with their first meal. I made the mistake of following a stranger's recipe for a raw meal – $100 and four dogs with diarrhea later, I realized that feeding raw wasn't as easy as everyone wanted me to believe. In walks Darwin's Pet. Their customer service team set me up with monthly deliveries for my dogs, and I became a raw feeder… Despite my evolution as a raw feeder, I still place periodic orders with Darwin's Pet and continue to recommend them to dog parents. If you're interested in starting as a raw feeder, the Darwin's team will help you get started and ship frozen meals directly to your door."

Kimberly Gauthier of 

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"Darwin’s raw dog food is 75% meat, 25% vegetables, and under 1% trace minerals and vitamins. No guesswork on how much meat your dog is getting. And it’s not low-quality meat that you might find in a rendering plant or low-quality pet food manufacturing facility. Darwin’s offers two dog food lines: Natural Selections™ and BioLogics™. Their Natural Selections™ line contains high-quality, antibiotic- and hormone-free meats from New Zealand, Australia, and the USA, with organic vegetables. Their BioLogics™ line is a more economical line of raw dog food, made with conventionally-grown meats and vegetables from the same farms that supply your supermarket."

Tonya Wilhelm of Raising Your Pets Naturally 

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"One thing that I really liked about Darwin’s is that their Natural Selections™ line uses human-grade organic vegetables and free-range meats. I like to eat organic myself, so of course, I like to feed my dogs’ organic as well! My dogs’ health is important to me so I want to feed them good food that will keep them healthier. Darwin’s also includes a special nutrients mix in their food with natural supplements and vitamins to help your dog get all the nutrients they need."

Katie Allen of 

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