Fur the Love of Pets!


Fur the Love of Pets!

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to showing others how much you love them, so don’t forget your four-legged best friend. Who else waits patiently for you to come home and then dances with excitement at your arrival? Dogs love humans unconditionally, even if we sometimes don’t always have the time to give them the attention they deserve.

So this Valentine’s Day, here are a few ways to show your pet you love them.


Special Pet Meal

9. Make a special meal for them – Of course a fresh, species-appropriate raw diet (like Darwin’s) is best. Whatever you feed, try adding something new – like sardines, blueberries, goji berries, eggs or krill oil. That will get their tails wagging! Now that they’re well fed:

Dog Adventure

8. Go on an adventure – Take them someplace they’ve never been before, with new sights and smells. The fresh air will be good for both of you. Or just:

dog love at park

7. Take a trip to the dog park – Dogs love the company of other dogs. Give them the opportunity to run and play with their four-legged friends. And when you’re done:

Dog grooming

6. Groom your pet – Help your pet get rid of their extra or knotted clumps of hair. Who doesn’t love getting their hair brushed? And while you’re at it:


5. Give a good belly rub – Give them a super-rub from head to tail and back again. It’s a great way to show your dog you love them. Belly rubs have dogs thinking they hit the jackpot. And just when they think it can’t get any better:

lamb bone


4. Offer them a special treat – A good meaty bone always hits the spot. But if you really want to make your dog happy, try giving them some tripe. Sure it’s stinky, but dogs love it – and tripe is full of great nutrients! And when they’re done eating:

Dog bath

3. Give your dog a bath – Dogs love to play and get dirty, but they like getting clean too. It’s a great way to show that you love them. And when they’re all clean:

Pets on couch

2. Let them up on the sofa or bed with you – There no better way for a dog to end the day than to curl up next to their person. And while they’re up there:


1. Talk to your pet – tell them what a good dog they are. An owner’s praise is music to a dog’s ears. You’d be surprised at how much they understand.

Tell us what your plans are for Valentine’s Day with your pet!

Your lovable fury friends don’t care about anything else but you. They love you unconditionally. That is the ultimate and best reason to show your pet some extra love and attention this Valentine’s Day.

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