Darwin’s Product Information Update

Last week, we received a call from the FDA informing us that they found the presence of Salmonella in three lots of our poultry meals for dogs which were produced in October and early November of last year.  

While we believe these meals are safe, we sent a letter to all of our customers to explain this situation so we can continue to provide transparency.  If you are currently a Darwin’s customer, please check your inbox for more information.  However, we are happy to share this information with anyone interested in Darwin’s or raw meals.

One key factor is showing these meals are safe for pets is information from the FDA’s website.  They have information from experts that confirm Salmonella isn’t a concern for healthy animals.

Additionally, these meals in question were delivered to customers two to three months ago, and our experience indicates that most (if not all) of these meals have already been consumed. Due to our direct relationships with customers, we would have received input and feedback from multiple customers by now if this food affected their pets. That has not happened, nor have we received any medical reports of illnesses to pets or humans due to these meals.

We also have concerns and questions about the FDA’s tests, due to inconsistencies and discrepancies in the reports they provided to us. Although the FDA is required to provide us retained samples of any products they test - so we can verify those results with an independent lab - they did not retain any samples so we could do so.

At this time, no action has been taken by the FDA, and we remain in discussions with the FDA on this.  There may be communications about these meals from us or from the FDA in the future.  Click here to read the information that the FDA shares about the impact Salmonella can have to humans and pets.

We will be continuing to update as this progresses. In the meantime, if you have any questions on this, please feel free to contact us at 877-738-6325 or [email protected].