Why You Should Feed Your Cat Raw Food


Darwin’s raw cat meals are designed specifically for cats’ nutritional needs: all meat with vital trace minerals, sea salt, vitamins, and fatty acids to provide complete and balanced nutrition.

Why Feed Raw Food To Your Cat

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Return Your Couch Potato Cat to a “Fierce Hunter”

Cats’ digestive systems need a raw diet made almost entirely of meat with very little or no carbohydrates. That’s because cats are obligate carnivores - their bodies aren’t able to produce the enzymes that are required to digest carbohydrates and they must eat meat to get the nutrition they need to live. So it turns out a cat’s natural hunting instinct exists for a reason (besides the thrill of the chase)! It’s no secret that cats are natural predators. Watch any field cat and you can see their natural instincts come alive when they encounter prey: back flattened, tail flicking, followed by the dramatic pounce. And if you’ve ever had a mouse problem, you know firsthand that domesticated house-cats are no different. All cats know instinctively that they need raw meat for the best nutrition.

Why Feed Raw Food to Your Cat

When you transition your cat to raw food expect to see noticeable benefits.

1. Healthier skin and shinier coat:

Food allergies are one of the most common cause of skin conditions that affect cats; raw food eliminates allergens such as grains and preservatives while adding essential fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3 that show their benefits in a shiny and healthy coat.

2. Healthier digestion:

Since cats’ bodies can utilize most of a raw meat diet, you’ll find less and less to scoop in the litterbox; and when you do, it will be dry and will hardly smell at all. This is a welcomed sign that your cat’s digestion is working at its most efficient, compared with high-carbohydrate diets that overtax cats’ tiny systems, leading to excess—and smelly—waste.

3. Weight control:

If your cat weighs in on the chubby end of the spectrum, you can expect to see a lower number on that cat scale before long. With a species-appropriate raw diet, cats aren’t as likely to overeat. Since they’re getting all the

nutrients they need, in a satisfying package, they aren’t left hungry or needing more nutrients.

4. Increased energy:

Cats are uniquely equipped to use protein for energy. So get the cat toys ready, alert the dog, and clear the living room, because your cat is about to show off that ninth life.

Designed with the Unique Nutritional Requirements of Your Cat in Mind

Get 10 lbs For Just $14.95