Why Raw Cat Food


Why Raw Cat Food

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Why Your Cat Needs Raw Food

It’s no secret that cats are natural predators. Watch any field cat and you can see their natural instincts come alive when they encounter prey: back flattened, tail flicking, followed by the dramatic pounce. And if you’ve ever had a mouse problem, you know firsthand that domesticated house cats have the same instincts. A couch potato cat turns into a fierce warrior when they see a live mouse (well, most of them, anyway!)

Turns out, this natural hunting instinct exists for a reason (besides the thrill of the chase) —cats are simply natural-born meat-eaters, and are just doing what they have done since the beginning of their days, selecting foods that are best for them: raw meat.

Here’s a look at what a raw-food diet entails and benefits of feeding your cat a raw-food meal.

What Does a Raw Cat Food Diet Involve?

Species Appropriate

Did you know that cats are obligate carnivores? Meaning – they must eat the tissue of other animals to thrive. That’s because their bodies aren’t able to produce the enzymes that are required to digest carbohydrates—since they evolved eating almost no carbs, they have only one enzyme system that can handle it, as opposed to humans and dogs. With an unusually short digestive tract compared to body size, cats can more easily digest raw food or species appropriate diets. They are custom-built, in other words, for a species-specific raw diet made almost entirely of meat, and very little or no carbohydrates. So no, your cat isn’t being a diva: She/he is just choosing foods that their little bodies are naturally equipped to handle.

The Ancestral Diet

This news shouldn’t be hard to, well, digest. After all, you’ve likely heard of the Paleo Diet, made of low-carbohydrate, high-protein, unprocessed fresh foods. The theory goes that if our ancestors survived with this diet—long before processed foods and artificial ingredients came along—then so should we. The same goes for our furry friends. The Ancestral Diet by Steve Brown, a renowned nutritional researcher, operates under the same concept. If their ancestors could do it, long before brands such as Meow Mix and Fancy Feast, they can too. Steve Brown’s Ancestral Diet, based on his own research and a review of current literature, is a high-protein diet, with almost 50% of the calories coming from protein, 44% from fat, and only 6% from carbohydrates.

Benefits of a Raw Food Diet For Your Cat:

In addition to easier digestion, when you transition your cat to raw food, you can expect to see the following noticeable benefits.

  1. Healthier skin

Food allergies are the third most common skin condition that affect cats; raw food eliminates allergens such as grains.

2. Shiny and healthy coat

Thanks to essential fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3, which cats require in their diets but have limited ability to create from plant sources, you’ll have a pleasant surprise after starting your cat on a raw diet: a shiny and healthy coat!

3. Healthier teeth

Many carbohydrate-rich foods can leave a starchy coating on teeth, which leads to plaque buildup and gum disease. Not so with raw food

4. Reduced litter-box smell

Litter-box scoopers, rejoice—since cats can utilize most of raw food, that means you’ll find less and less to scoop; and when you do, it will be dry and will have very little order. This is a welcomed sign that your cat’s digestion is working at its most efficient, compared to high-carbohydrate diets which overtax cats’ tiny systems, leading to excess—and smelly—waste

5. Weight control

If your cat is more prone to the chubby end of the spectrum, you can expect to see a lower number on that cat scale before long. With a species-appropriate raw diet, cats aren’t as likely to overeat. That’s because they are getting all of the nutrients they need, in a satisfying package— they aren’t left hungry or needing more nutrients.

6. Increased energy

Get the cat toys ready, alert the dog, and clear the living room. Your cat is about to show off that ninth life. Since cats are uniquely equipped to use protein for energy, as opposed to dogs and humans, the high-protein raw diet is the perfect for extra energy.

7. Healthier urinary tract

Thanks to the high moisture content of raw foods, your cat will naturally get properly hydrated, which means a reduced risk of urinary tract infections.

Darwin’s raw cat food a great choice?

High-quality and real food (the kind your pet would eat in nature) is simply the most appealing and healthful option. A quality raw diet features natural, unprocessed food: real meat with no fillers, hormones, antibiotics, or grains. Many experts recommend Darwin’s raw pet food. “As an integrative veterinarian with a strong focus on healthy nutrition, I appreciate the fact that Darwin’s only uses fresh, high-quality ingredients, and they maintain excellent food safety protocols,” says Dr. Barbara Royal, DVM, CVA, Past President AHVMA (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association).

Darwin’s Natural Pet Products:

  • You can customize your order size to your pet’s size. You’ll greatly minimize the amount of waste. By going directly through us, you’ll skip two price mark-ups, from the distributor and the retailer. Try our introductory offer – delivered to your door.
  • You can set up an automatic, convenient home delivery. You don’t have to remember to re-order. We get it—sometimes it can be hard enough to find time to provide yourself a nutritious meal, and now you have to make one for your pet? We’re here for you.
  • Our meals are complete and balanced. They include trace minerals, sea salt, vitamins, and fatty acids to provide balanced nutrition. Including taurine.

We at Darwin’s care about your cat’s health and happiness.

Finding the right diet for your cat is vital to good health. Do you have more questions about the raw cat food diets Darwin’s offers? Please feel free to drop us a line so we can answer them!

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Darwin’s Natural Selections™ and BioLogics™ meals are completely balanced and formulated to meet the nutritional standards outlined by the AAFCO Dog and Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages.2


It’s no secret that cats are natural predators. Watch any field cat and you can see their natural instincts come alive when they encounter prey: back flattened, tail flicking, followed by the dramatic pounce.