Why Your Dog Needs Raw Food


Why Your Dog Needs Raw Food

A well-made raw diet is real food made with real meat and fresh vegetables designed to meet your dog’s unique nutritional needs.

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With tail wagging and tongue lolling, your dog faithfully gives you everything he can: unconditional love, companionship, and joy. In return, he deserves the best dog food you can serve. Raw diets featuring fresh, natural ingredients are unequivocally the best nutritional choice. Even the most expensive premium kibble and canned diets, after putting their ingredients through high heat and high-pressure packaging, can’t measure up. No bones about it: Raw dog food is the best choice.

Why Raw Diets are Best for Your Dog

Raw diets offer a whole host of advantages — from a dramatic improvement in your dog’s physical health to a decrease in vet bills. Here are just a few of the many benefits of feeding your dog a balanced raw diet.

1. A healthier body

Dogs glow with good health after switching to a well-balanced raw diet. They have a shiny coat and healthy skin, a firm body and appropriate weight, cleaner teeth, and fresher breath, and even a decrease in health conditions (such as allergies, arthritis, or diabetes).

2. Improved well-being

Sluggish dogs get an injection of energy after eating a balanced raw diet. Dogs also tend to be happier and better-behaved when fed raw food — rather than gulping kibble, they can savor their meals and gnaw happily on bones. Not much beats seeing a healthy, happy dog dart around the yard.

3. A decrease in your pet budget

Depending on your current situation, your dog’s enhanced health may actually be easier on your pocketbook: Think lower vet bills, fewer supplements purchased, and no more impulse buys at the pet store while picking up kibble.

4. Smaller stools with less odor

Anyone on poop-scooping duty knows what a mess dogs can make in a yard. A balanced raw diet means a dog produces smaller stools that don’t smell as strong.

5. Convenience

Raw diet = easy diet. If you choose a home delivery service like Darwin’s, all the food you need is delivered to your door like clockwork, on a schedule you choose. Thaw it, serve it, wash the bowl, and repeat.

6. A longer life

For many pet owners, this raw food benefit is perhaps the most important: more time, healthy time, to spend with their beloved companion.

Add More Life to Your Dog’s Years


Get 10 lbs For Just $14.95