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Reasons to Go Grain-Free with a Raw Diet


1. Better digestion.

  • Dogs don’t produce amylase (an enzyme, found chiefly in saliva and pancreatic fluid, that converts starch and glycogen into simple sugars) until later in the digestive process, which means that it’s harder for them to process starches and grains than proteins.
  • To replace grains, grain-free dry food often uses ingredients that can contain carbohydrate levels similar to or even higher than dog food containing grains, mitigating the benefits. With raw food, you know what’s in your food: high-quality real animal meat.

2. Relief from allergies.

  •  Grains, particularly wheat, can be a common allergen for dogs.
  • Unlike natural, unprocessed raw food artificial substitutes used in dry food may contain wheat and other well-known allergens.

3. More satiety (feeling fuller).

  • Grain-free food, since your dog’s body utilizes it better, simply fills dogs bellies faster.
  • Raw food takes this concept one step further because it’s highly digestible with no fillers commonly used in dry food.

4. Healthier coat.

  • Switching to a grain-free diet can also help dogs turn dry, brittle coats into healthy, shiny fur.
  • Thanks to additional essential fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3 in raw food, your dog will enjoy an even healthier and shinier coat with less shedding.

5. Boosted energy and reduced weight.

  • It just makes sense: Raw food helps dog utilize more energy from protein instead of grains. The result is a more energized and slimmer physique.
  • Just because it’s grain-free doesn’t mean it’s carbohydrate-free. Dry grain-free dog food usually contains carbs that can add to a dog’s waistline. Not so with raw food.Trial Offer