Beyond the Bowl


Beyond the Bowl

Since Darwin’s opened almost two decades ago, our mission has been to help pets and their owners enjoy more years of healthy companionship together.

But that’s just the start.

While our commitment to animals starts with our customers and their pets, it goes further, to all dogs and cats, especially the ones that need our help and those that help us through their service. And even further, to assure the humane treatment of the animals that we source for our meals.

Fair and Ethical Sourcing

Our love for animals extends beyond our passion for dogs and cats. That’s why we take words like “ethically-sourced” seriously. We make sure all of the animals in our care, including the ones we use for our meals, are treated humanely. We ensure every animal is being cared for up to our standard, personally visiting farms and sourcing only from suppliers we trust.

Shared Love to End Pet Homelessness

We think that every pet deserves to be loved and so we support foster and adoption programs to find homes for as many dogs and cats as possible  This includes reimbursing customers’ adoption fees, taking in hard-to-adopt pets to foster and placing them with customers, and promoting local pet rescue and shelter organizations.

Serving Service Dogs

We work hard for our pets. And many dogs work hard for us. From guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, to K9 units, we appreciate and respect the many working dogs in our country. To give back, we’ve created a service dog program, offering discounts to all service dogs and their owners.

Expert Resources for Any Pet Owner

We aim to make good nutrition accessible to every pet owner, not just the ones who feed Darwin’s. Over the years, we’ve worked cat and dog nutritionists, holistic vets, and industry experts to provide pet food education to all pet owners.

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