Easy 2-Ingredient Apple Kong DIY


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Looking for an easy summer treat for your dog? Help him cool down with this 2-ingredient, DIY apple kong.

Apples are nutritionally dense and easily available to most pet parents. They contain plenty of vitamins for pups and are a great source of fiber, which helps digestion. After they’re frozen and become firmer, apples can also be used to clean your pet’s teeth, naturally scrubbing the tooth’s surface as your dog chews.

Combined with the all-natural, nutrient-packed power of raw dog food, this DIY apple kong is a healthy, cool snack that’s sure to cause some tail wags.

Just be sure when preparing to take care to remove any and all seeds and completely core the apple. Apple seeds contain small amounts of arsenic, so ensure each one is taken out before feeding an apple to your pup. However, after you’ve made sure all seeds are removed, apples become a tasty, healthful snack for pets and their owners alike.

How To:

  1. Start with one cored apple, taking care to remove every seed and the complete core. For our recipe, we used a melon-baller, though any coring method can work. Make sure when choosing an apple for your dog, you pick one that’s appropriately size to fit his mouth. Some apples may be too big for some dogs to chew, while others may be too small for large breeds and pose a choking hazard.
  2. Next, lay down wax paper or parchment paper to create your work surface. Take your fresh, raw dog food and add it to a piping bag. For our recipe, we used Darwin’s Natural Selections™ Chicken Recipe.
  3. Snip the tip of the bag and pipe your raw food into the apple until filled.
  4. Wrap the filled apple in the parchment paper and tie off using a rubber band or kitchen clip.
  5. Freeze for 24 hours.
  6. When your dog’s ready for his treat, take out and let thaw for 20 minutes.
  7. Finally, let your pup enjoy his frozen treat on a non-porous surface or outside.
  8. Be sure to clean up any surfaces raw meat touched during the preparation or feeding process.

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Looking for an easy summer treat for your dog? Help him cool down with this 2-ingredient, DIY apple kong.


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