3 Healthy Frozen Dog Treats to Beat the Heat


3 Healthy Frozen Dog Treats to Beat the Heat

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As summer warms up, your dog may be craving a cool treat as much as you are. Here are three healthy pupsicles to fend off the heat.

Each recipe is flexible as ice tray and popsicle molds vary in size. For the most part, you can’t go wrong with eyeballing the ingredients. You can adjust the firmness of the frozen treat but adding or taking away water.

Banana Peanut Butter

Banana Peanut Butter

Bananas are high in potassium and fiber and are often recommended by vets as healthy alternatives to processed treats. Plus, anyone with a dog knows how much pups love peanut butter. Just be sure the peanut butter you use is free of sweeteners and xylitol. It’s best to get as natural a peanut butter as possible.


Bananas for dogs

Sliced bananas (fresh or frozen)

Natural peanut butter (Smooth peanut will incorporate the easiest)

Water or broth for a firmer, more solid treat



If you’re using water or broth, mix with the peanut butter a few tablespoons at a time until smooth.

Spoon mixture into ice tray or popsicle molds, making sure to allow room for bananas.

Top with sliced bananas, pushing down gently so that the peanut butter mixture is able to freeze around the banana and hold it in place. You may want to chop or mash your bananas if you’re using especially small ice trays.

Cover to prevent fresh bananas from browning and freeze treats for a few hours. For best results, freeze overnight.

Blueberry Yogurt


Blueberries have been called a superfood for dogs. While they should only be fed in moderation, blueberries contain several nutrients that are great for dogs. The antioxidants in the fruit have been shown to fight free radicals and boost your dog’s immune system, while the Vitamin C can help ensure your dog’s teeth stay healthy. Blueberries are also low in calories and high in fiber, ideal for overweight dogs that still deserve a treat.

The probiotics in yogurt have also be shown to beneficial for pups, which make this treat a perfect match of nutrients.



Blueberries (fresh or frozen; be sure your frozen blueberries don’t include any syrup or sweeteners)

Plain yogurt, with no added flavors or sweeteners

Water or broth (Optional)



If adding water or broth, add to yogurt and mix until smooth.

Spoon into ice tray or popsicle molds.

Top with blueberries, pressing down gently so that the yogurt will freeze around them and hold them in place. You may also mash or finely chop blueberries for a more homogenous texture.

Freeze for a few hours, or overnight for best results.

Bone Broth


Bone broth is our best-loved comfort food for dogs in the colder months. But chilling or freezing it makes it a year-round dog treat staple.

The proteins in bone broth can help with joint pain and liver problems and the glycine in bone broth helps dogs detoxify. Since dogs love the taste, it’s also a great way to trick your pup into drinking more water.

We have our own simple recipe on how to make bone broth, but feel free to use store bought. Just look out for any unnatural preservatives. We do not recommend instant, powdered bone broth.


Bone broth (DIY recipe here)

Any healthy add-ins such as Darwin’s Natural Selections™ or fresh, dog-friendly vegetables



This one’s easy! Just pour your bone broth into your ice trays or molds.

Add any mix-ins.

Freeze overnight.

Mix it up! We kept these recipes simple so that they’re easy for any dog owner to make. But feel free to add in any other healthy snack your dog loves. We recommend trying cooked sweet potato or healthy greens like kale. You can even go crazy! Try adding plain yogurt to our peanut butter banana recipe, and skip the water, to make a dog-friendly ice cream.

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As summer warms up, your dog may be craving a cool treat as much as you are. Here are three healthy pupsicles to fend off the heat.


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