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Holistic Veterinarian Reviews

Many of my patients benefit from feeding fresh, raw food diets and skin problems, allergies and other conditions will often clear up quickly. Darwin’s has made it easier to provide healthy nutrition options to more pets.

Dr. Darla Rewers, DVM, Ancient Arts Holistic Veterinary Servicesdarla-rewers-dvm


As an integrative veterinarian with a strong focus on healthy nutrition, I appreciate the fact that Darwin's only uses fresh, high quality ingredients and they maintain excellent food safety protocols. As an owner, I am thrilled that my dogs love their food and how healthy they are because of it. Darwin's pays attention to the details, and that makes all the difference.

Dr. Barbara Royal, DVM, CVA, Past President AHVMAchicago-veterinary-barbara-royal


Providing dogs with a fresh, raw, varied diet will greatly enhance their joy of life, along with their health. Countless dog owners who have decided to feed their dogs a natural diet have witnessed this.

Dr. Jaqueline Sehn, DVM, MercyVet Veterinary Hospital Dvm


As a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, food therapy is critical to my treatment plans. Darwin’s makes it easy for my clients to feed fresh, wholesome diets that follow our recommended guidelines. For our special requirements patients, the Intelligent Design Veterinary Meals provide an excellent alternative to the commercially available veterinary prescription diets.

Madeline Yamate, DVM, CVA, CVCH, CVFT, CVTP, CTCVMP, CVSMT, MBA Center for Integrative Animal Medicine, Davis, CAmadeline-yamate

Dog Nutritionists & Professional Dog Trainer Reviews

I believe strongly in raw feeding that is properly balanced and uses quality ingredients. I not only recommend Darwin’s to my clients’ dogs, I feed it to my own dogs, which is the highest compliment I can give.

Nicole Wilde, Professional dog trainer, “Help For Your Fearful Dog” & “Don’t Leave Me!” AuthorNicole-Wilde


I would highly recommend this product to any dog owner, based on my own evaluation of the quality and bio-availability of Darwin’s ingredients as well as the results of laboratory analysis.

Dr. Ed Kane, Ph.D., Animal Nutritionist

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