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What They Were Born to Eat


What They Were Born to Eat

At Darwin’s, we believe that all pet owners should have the opportunity to feed their pets a healthy meal made from high quality ingredients. Our goal is to make feeding your pet fresh, healthy, quality raw meals convenient and affordable.


Custom Order Sizes

All pets are different – different age, different size, different weight, different activity level, and possible different dietary restrictions.

Our Story


Our Story

Our mission is to help you see a healthier and happier pet in 30 days.


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Already Feeding Raw?

It’s absolutely necessary to have nutritional balance when it comes to your pet’s diet. If the diet is unbalanced it can create health problems for your pet.


Discounts for Service Dogs

All hard-working dogs deserve our respect and support, that’s why we’ve developed a special discount for service dogs and service dog organizations.

Darwin's Pet Food Free Home Delivery


Darwin's Pet Food Free Home Delivery

Customers living in the greater Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon metropolitan areas receive free home delivery.


Home Delivery Program of Darwin’s Pet Food

Don’t worry about running out of food. With our automatic shipping services, you’ll receive your pet’s meals on a regular schedule so you don’t have to remember to place your order.