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About Natural Raw Grain-free Dog Food

The Healthiest Thing You Can Do for Your Dog

“You Are What You Eat” is as true for pets as it is for people

Veterinarians and concerned dog owners have come to recognize the importance of proper nutrition and diet for their pets. Like us, our dog’s digestive systems are designed for natural, wholesome foods – with all the nutrients still in, not processed out. We improve our own health when we reduce our reliance on processed foods, and the same is true for the health of our dogs.

A “Fast Food Nation” of Pet Owners

Most commercial dog foods today are the equivalent of fast food for pets – designed more for convenience than for nutrition.

All dry and canned dog foods – even the premium ones that use better ingredients – suffer from the same shortcomings. Processed dog foods include grains or cereals which dogs’ digestive systems are not equipped to digest. Another major problem is that cooking and processing foods destroy many of their enzymes and vitamins. Processed dog foods use chemical additives to add back just some of the lost nutrients, and even these are often not as bio-available as the original, natural ingredients. In addition, many nutrients are depleted or lost in long-term storage in the factory, warehouse and retail store before it even gets to your home.

Raw Natural Dog Food: A Better Approach

Natural raw dog food uses high quality, fresh ingredients with minimal processing to save the most nutrients and with no additives. Darwin’s Natural Dog Food ingredients:

  • Human-quality Meat (70%): Chicken, Beef, Turkey, or Duck; includes ground bone, hearts and livers for nutrition. Our Natural Selections meals use only free-range meats, that are antibiotic-free and hormone-free.
  • Fresh Vegetables (30%): Carrots, Squash, Yams, Zucchini, Celery, Romaine and Apple Cider Vinegar. Our Natural Selections meals are made with only organic vegetables.
  • Trace Minerals and Vitamins: Ingredients vary depending on the type of meat and include Mineral Amino Acids, Salt, and Vitamin E.

You’ll See the Difference With Darwin’s Natural Raw Dog Food

  • First, you’ll notice is how much more your dog enjoys eating
  • After a few days, you’ll notice how much more energy your dog has
  • Then you’ll notice that you have less to scoop up after your pet, since its food is now more digestible
  • After about a month, you’ll start to see improvement in your dog’s overall health, as its body becomes stronger and better able to fight off disease
  • Finally, after a few months, you’ll notice how much you’re saving in vet bills and medications for your dog


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