Myths About Kibble and Raw


Myths About Kibble and Raw

The Internet is one of the most amazing tools of our time; it’s also one of the biggest sources of misinformation. Considering there are about a gazillion gigabytes of half-truths at our fingertips, it’s no surprise that there are scores of myths out there.



  • Not True – Crunchy kibble will keep your dog’s teeth clean and tartar-free:

Think about that for a minute.  Eating kibble is NOT a good toothbrush.  It would be like brushing our teeth with a handful of pretzels, yummy, but not exactly recommended by nine out of ten dentists.

While nothing should replace brushing your dog’s teeth – a big ole raw meaty bone has been affectionately labeled “nature’s toothbrush” for good reason. (If your dog is not an experienced chewer, your flip-flops don’t count, take it slowly, and gradually work up to larger bones).

Not True – Dogs do not need fresh meat in their diets:

Hello?!?! Have you looked in your dog’s mouth lately? Those LARGE MEAT TEARING canine teeth are pointy and sharp for a reason. Dogs are carnivores! Darwin’s Natural Selections™ is about 70% raw meat with about 30% organic veggies. We don’t include grains for a cheap hit of protein and calories; we use minimal processing so all of the nutrients actually reach your pup’s tummy.  Remember, just because your dog can survive on one of the many filler diets on the shelf, doesn’t mean it is the best thing for her.

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Formulating a complete and balanced meat-based canine diet can be surprisingly tricky. Attempts can easily come up short on nutrition or long on calories if they don’t follow well-designed guidelines