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Feeding a Raw Diet to Your Dog or Cat

pet food packageFeeding a Darwin’s raw diet is simple and convenient! Your food is vacuum-sealed and will arrive frozen. They will be fine for four to six months when kept in your freezer.

There are just a few simple steps from freezer to tummy:

  1. Take what you need for the next day or two (see suggestions below) from your freezer and place in your refrigerator to thaw in the plastic tub provided with your first (or trial) order.
  2. Depending on the temp of your fridge, the food should thaw in 24 to 36 hours.
  3. Once thawed pull the easy-open tab and place the food in your dog or cats bowl.
  4. Once the food is gone (which it will be) pick up the bowl and wash it. Please remember the food is raw. All common sense rules about handling meat should apply.

Once defrosted, keep the unserved food refrigerated and use within 2-4 days.

Tips for Transitioning Your Dog to Raw Food
Tips for Transitioning Your Cat to Raw Food

How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

As a general rule, a typical adult dog should consume about 2-4% of their ideal body weight per day. Typically, smaller dogs should eat a higher percentage of their body weight, while bigger dogs should eat a lower percentage. In weekly and monthly terms:

  • a 10 lb dog will eat about 2- 2 1/2 lbs per week or about 10 lbs per month
  • a 25 lb dog will eat about 5 lbs per week or about 20 lbs per month
  • a 50 lb dog will eat about 8 lbs per week or about 32 lbs per month
  • a 75 lb dog will eat about 10- 10 1/2 lbs per week or about 42 lbs per month
  • a 100 lb dog will eat about 14 lbs per week or about 56 lbs per month

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How Much Should I Feed My Cat?

When it comes to feeding your cat, the amount of food they need depends on their size, weight, and activity level. Adult cats should typically eat 4-6 ounces per day, so one Darwin’s pouch will feed your cat for approximately 2 days. Since the activity level of a cat can vary depending on their personality, we suggest that you monitor your cat’s weight and adjust the amount accordingly.

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How Do I Know Which Meals Are Best for My Pet?

The menu consultants at Darwin’s are always available to answer any questions you have about your pet’s meals. Our goal is to help you provide them with the right foods to meet their individual needs.

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