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Top-Quality Therapeutic Raw Diets for Your Patients

As a veterinary professional, you know the importance of a highly nutritious diet for any pet regardless of species, breed, health, or life stage. At Darwin’s, we believe all pets can benefit from a scientifically formulated, research-based raw feeding model. However, optimal nutrition is even more important for pets suffering from diseases or health conditions. To enable you to provide your patients the best possible nutritional therapy, we’ve created a line of therapeutic raw dog and cat food diets designed for maximum efficacy. Darwin’s Intelligent Design™ Veterinary Meals for Dogs features formulas for kidney support, liver support, cancer support, and joint maintenance and support. Darwin’s Intelligent Design™ Veterinary Meals for Cats offers a kidney support formula.  

Why Choose Darwin’s Raw Pet Food?

Producers of processed pet food are quick to criticize raw diets, but in reality, a properly formulated raw feeding model delivers clearly documented advantages.
  • Raw pet food is unprocessed, unadulterated, and non-rendered in order to retain vital nutrients, enzymes, and good bacteria.
  • Raw food is a species-appropriate choice.
  • Darwin’s raw food is high in protein and free of grains, which are nutritionally unnecessary and contribute to a variety of metabolic diseases in pets.
  • Darwin’s raw food does not contain preservatives, synthetic additives, hormones, steroids, antibiotics, artificial colors or flavors, or fillers.
  • Darwin’s raw food is naturally palatable to tempt pets that have decreased appetites, and if needed, can be gently cooked.
  • Raw food retains much of the cellular integrity of the fresh ingredients, providing animals with what their bodies expect to digest.
  • Raw food is moisture-appropriate for dogs and cats. The carnivore body expects to obtain most of its moisture from food (prey animals). Food with the moisture still intact in cells and in a raw form is easily recognized and used by the body without compromising circulation and hydration of the body.

Raw Pet Food, Backed by Science

Darwin’s dog and cat foods are based on the Ancestral Diet model, which was created by canine nutrition expert Steve Brown through years of research and literature review. The diet centers on the premise that pet food should contain optimal levels of nutrients rather than minimums or maximums. All our formulas are based on Brown’s 6,000-page Ancestral Diet database. The model adheres to American (AAFCO) standards, European (FEDIAF) standards, and National Research Council (NRC) standards. The formulas are also carefully reviewed by multiple board-certified nutritionists and veterinary professionals.  

Darwin’s Stands for Quality

Darwin’s Intelligent Design™ Veterinary Meals feature only the highest-quality ingredients.
  • Our meats are responsibly sourced. We personally visit every farm that raises the animals we use in our foods to ensure good farming practices and respectful treatment of animals and employees. We never use 4D meats (meats sourced from dead, dying, diseased, or disabled animals).
  • Our USDA certified organic vegetables are free of chemical pesticides.
  • Every ingredient (including approved medicinal herbs) is carefully chosen to maximize the disease-fighting properties of our food
  • Unlike typical pet food producers, Darwin’s has thoughtfully and painstakingly sourced food-based nutrients rather than relying on synthetic vitamins and minerals. We believe the benefits outweigh the costs we incur from procuring these nutrients.
  • Because Darwin’s recognizes that inflammation is associated with degenerative conditions such as cancer, liver disease, and kidney disease, our veterinary meals do not contain refined carbohydrates and high-starch ingredients (such as corn, wheat, rice, and soy) that promote inflammation.

Feeding Trial for Veterinary Professionals

Our clients report that feeding raw food results in dramatic changes in their dogs and cats:
  • Increased energy levels and better quality of life
  • Healthier skin and coat
  • Improved digestion, better breath, and smaller stools
  • A decrease in many common diseases and conditions


We invite you to see for yourself the difference a raw diet can make with our Veterinarian Feeding Trial program. You can receive a month’s worth of our meals (up to 40 lbs.) delivered directly to your home or clinic. You can feed Darwin’s food to your own pet(s) or provide it to a patient. Get all the details about our Veterinarian-Only Feeding Trial program.